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Birthing Something New

We feel a bit sleep deprived lately! We find ourselves awake at 4:00 am energized to begin the day but waiting for the light to fill the sky. By 5:45, I dress and begin my morning practice of walking meditation outdoors as the woodland creatures wake and greet me. The day has just begun, and I already feel the need for a nap. It dawns on me why I am waking at 4:00 am. I am anticipating what lessons I will be filming next and going over them in my mind. I recognize this excitement and adrenaline I feel about filming lessons: it reminds me of how I felt soon after giving birth to each of my children. I was too excited to sleep, only wanting to stay awake and watch their every move. Eventually, the lack of sleep would catch up to me and gradually I learned to pace myself and rest when the baby was sleeping. This awakens in me the realization that with the creation of the website, we are giving birth. Birth to something new! It is a labor of love that we hope will “serve life”!

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What a gift to be energized like this! People’s rhythms can be so different, can’t they? Keep those bird pictures coming!

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