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A Falling Leaf and a Strong Rootstock

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July 9, 2020

The leaf let go not knowing what journey lay ahead. Did it feel certain when it released itself and floated down to the ground where it lay at my feet? I feel certain that it is time to let go and say “yes” to the journey! Like the Madrone tree, I am not shedding it all, and like the leaf, I am not free-falling completely.

Now, as I stand and gaze at an English walnut tree before me, I ponder how we are so similar. This tree started its journey as a black walnut, selected because of its superior, strong root stock. Later in its life, an English walnut branch was grafted onto it so the tree would produce a more desired nut. The graft ensured that the English walnut would thrive. We, like the tree before me have a strong foundation. Dr. Montessori’s vision was planted in us, in Perugia, Italy during our year of AMI teacher training with Signorina Maria Antonietta Paolini. Taking the training under the direction of Signorina Paolini inspired us tremendously as she shared her first-hand experiences and knowledge of Dr. Montessori. We returned home to California after completing our training with this strong rootstock, and planted ourselves to begin the work we were inspired and called to do.

Reaching out to our former students and parents, and receiving their testimonials this week brings great joy, celebration, and a deep gratitude for the abundant fruit of our labor.

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