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A Heart in the Center

In mid-July we realize that it is time to let people know about our new project. Our idea seems daunting, and undoubtedly we will have months of hard work ahead of us as we put our dream into reality. As we share our venture with a few individuals, unexpectedly, excitement and affirmation well up, fueling us on. Letters of support from dear friends arrive in the mail surprising us, spurring us on.

In midsummer Queen Anne’s Lace line the side of the road on our daily walk. The white umbel blossom has a tiny red heart shaped floweret in the center. We look closely and can see windows of light through the delicate white blossoms resembling lace. Our own hearts fill with joy as we ponder the tiny red heart in the center. It is a reminder to keep our heart in the center of this elaborate and intricate work we are undertaking.

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Sep 02, 2020

As we make our lessons, we feel at times that we are on a one-way street. I miss the immediate responses of the students that often breathes such life into the lessons, and then to see them rush off with enthusiasm to tackle a new challenge. Getting comments from our "virtual" students and parents fill our sails and push us forward. Thank you! And keep up the comments!


I am loving what you are doing. I am a home educating mum in the UK (ex state school teacher but not Montessori trained) and over the years I have watched many Montessori videos and read many 'curriculum' instructions to bring Montessori to my son but I have to say this is the best I have seen. I love how you demonstrate awe and wonder, inspiration, gratitude and curiosity along with the lessons and the beauty and simplicity of your demonstrations and surroundings. I also appreciate how you have shown adaptatations to use if the regular Montessori equipment is not available. As a minimalist who lives in a very tiny house this is something I've been grappling with for yea…

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