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Engaging Early Childhood and  Elementary Video Lessons to Support Independent Learning

Welcome to Montessori in My Home, your library of dynamic Montessori lessons presented in the comfort and safety of your home. Browse through the exciting content in our video lessons library and additional resources. New lessons are continuously being added, so be sure to visit often to continue in this dynamic educational journey from home. 

Early Childhood lessons are designed for parents to watch and then guide your child.

Elementary lessons are designed for the student to watch directly.

Our goal is to stimulate "off-line" active learning by short "on-line" lessons.

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Our short video lessons are supplemented with written instruction and references to corresponding materials that can be viewed online, printed, or made at home. You will not need to purchase expensive materials or turn your home into a replica of your child's classroom for your child to experience the full potential of these lessons. The Montessori classroom is a “prepared environment” to serve a community of children over generations, so a variety of durable materials, that last many years, are essential to a classroom setting. With this new adventure of adapting Montessori principles and lessons to your home environment, it makes sense to create materials from what you may already have in your home to meet the same educational goals. Once your children have had a specific lesson and have explored the concept by repeating the lesson several times, they will feel finished and will outgrow a material’s use. This is the rationale for a simpler and more temporary version of some of the materials.  Our goal is to give parents the “key” for supplying the necessary materials for each lesson without the cost of traditional Montessori materials.

These video lessons will benefit teachers by allowing them to focus on their students' individual growth and guide parents and elementary students to an appropriate lesson. Montessori is a global education method experienced in many languages by children throughout the world. Teachers and families around the world will benefit by the opportunity to view the same Montessori lessons their children may receive at their school, but presented in clear spoken and written English.

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